Emerging Technologies

The emerging technologies in Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Social represent the biggest challenge to our clients in terms of disruption and transformation opportunities.

The mobile revolution and social media, combined with the data explosion and new analytics capabilities are driving the change.

Seerion partners with the leading software vendors and subject matter experts to provide our clients a competitive edge in driving their business processes and solutions. We have been supporting clients in several industry sectors in developing first of a kind digital solutions.

Seerion subject matter professionals and consultants have been working side by side with our clients in optimizing value through Digital Transformation:

Emerging Technologies Service areas


  • Transformation partner for large and SMB enterprises.
  • Support clients in their cloud journey by unparalleled capabilities and competencies.

Big Data - Analytics

  • New capabilities for real time analysis, predictive analytics and micro-segmentation.
  • Supporting our clients in leveraging analytics to drive action and business value.
  • Using analytics to make information “consumable” and is transforming all parts of the organization, from customer intimacy to supply chain management.


  • Connectivity, access and participation are growing rapidly.
  • Devices are getting smarter as they are increasingly connected and enriched by mobile apps.
  • Mobile Apps are becoming the dominant means of customers engaging with Brands .

Social Media

  • Social media is quickly becoming the primary communication and collaboration format.
  • We enable clients in adopting social media to realize value and manage risk.
  • Supporting clients in developing Social Analytics across multiple industries including, Consumer and Retail, Finance & Insurance, Technology & Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences and HealthCare.