Life Sciences & Healthcare

Customer Care and Cost Efficiencies has been the key focus in the Life Sciences and healthcare industry. Collaboration amongst life science companies, healthcare service providers and payer organizations has played a crucial role in industry transformation. All stakeholders from hospitals and local providers to insurance companies are working to comply with changing regulations, and to keep up with an ever increasing demand on their processes and systems.

Advances in emerging technologies in Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Social Media has been vital in providing next generation effiiciencies and competitive edge to participating companies.

Seerion’s Life Sciences & Healthcare Experience

We bring comprehensive industry experience working with leading medical device, pharmaceuticals and healthplan carriers. We work closely with our clients in providing affordable value based technology solutions. This has enabled our clients to substantially reduce cost of operations while increasing productivity. We are a leading provider of industry experts and consultants across several domains in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry.

Life Sciences & Health Care Service Areas

  • Clinical Development Systems
  • Pharma & Biotech Solutions
  • Medical Device Management Solutions
  • Payer & Provider Systems
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Out Patient & In Patient Management Systems
  • Human Capital Management Solutions
  • ERP
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Mobility
  • Cloud