Technology & Telecom

High Tech & Telecommunications industry have very dynamic product life cycles resulting from speed of innovation and quick product obsolescence. Over the past years emergence of cloud brought tremendous changes to customers’ expectations who would like to pay based on consumption only.

Software and hardware companies are now coming up with new business models and developing strategic alliances to show value to customers. These alliances and partnerships impact customers’ strategy, processes and IT solution enablement, resulting in new complexities for the customers.

Seerion consultants and subject matter experts can help you in designing and developing new cloud based models, by leveraging the emerging technologies of Mobility, Big Data and Analytics and judiciously aligning with current technology and solutions portfolio.

Seerion’s Technology & Telecom Experience

  • Deep Industry and domain expertise
  • Offering Strategy, Process Improvements, Solution Design and Build Services
  • Network of over 500 highly skilled practitioners to serve you in accelerating Product Life Cycle Management, Digital Front office and Back office Automation
  • Application Rationalization, Application Managed Services , Application Testing and Software Engineering

Technology & Telecom Service Areas

  • ERP Assessments and Implementation
  • SCM , PLM and CRM Solutions
  • Social Media
  • Cloud Services
  • Analytics
  • Mobility
  • Application Managed Services
  • Application Testing
  • Software Engineering